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AFA Awards Ceremony Today

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  • AFA Awards Ceremony Today

    Buffyforums is once again proud to host the Academy of Fan Artists Ceremony! There's been a lot of delays but today, Friday June 24 is the day.

    Everyone in the forum is welcome to join in the chatter as the awards are revealed. The event is held in the Miscellaneous Forum in the AFA subsection. There are several threads in there explaining where to go to follow the events.

    The event starts at 8 PM GMT (3 PM Eastern). Pre-festivities are already happening and the Red Carpet will begin an hour before the event. It will last several hours and will surely be followed by an after party for all the fanartists who couldn't make the main event.

    The high traffic may affect the speed of the forum and we may choose to make the forum only available to members during the event if it becomes a problem.

    Lydia made the punch!