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Kara of Krypton (spoilers)

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  • Kara of Krypton (spoilers)

    Kara has been one of my favorite characters since her debut and is one of the main factors that really got me into the series. She has been mistreated by the writers, but in all she's gotten some really good development over the short run she's had on Smallville.

    Last night's episode mark Kara's final farewell to Smallville and I have to say that I am rather happy with her depature. Since season 8 I've been saying Kara needs to go to the future, it happens in the comics and they should have set it up in season 8 for her to leave with the Legion. Now I'm happy they waited cause last night was heart breaking. Her scene with Jor-El in the Fortress was great for Kara fans and gave us a great sense that she is finally ready to be the hero we all know she is.

    Her final scene of course was very sad as she floats in front of Watchtower and puts on the ring. She knows she can help, but knows she has to let Clark become the hero. I was a bit sad that she didn't get a scene with Clark, but maybe that makes it more sad? I would have liked a shot of her in the future meeting Cosmic Boy and seeing some sort of Superman shrine, but I realize Smallville is on a budget.

    I think as a whole Kara has been a great character. It was fun watching her grow in season 7 from a 'child' to a hero. Season 8's "Bloodlines" will always be my favorite Kara episode. Her strength in the Phantom Zone and willingness to sacrifice herself for Clark was the moment for me that showed she was a strong hero. Her little goodbye I felt was rushed in that episode and it was a shame she missed the Krypton heavy season 9, but her return in season 10 was worth it. Seeing her in her almost Supergirl costume was more then worth it!

    Laura Vandervoort was the perfect Kara and I'm glad they were able to get her back for a proper finale for the character.

    Now I want a spin-off for her, or a comic... Or fanfiction haha.

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    I was very pleased with Kara's ending because it's exactly what I've wanted since Season 8. I was hoping she'd stick around after 'Bloodline' and leave with the Legion in 'Legion.' I was disappointed when that didn't happen, but I'm glad they eventually did it. Now, Kara can return at some point in Clark's future and be a lot younger than him. So, it lines up with the comics better. Though, it sucks that we'll never get to see it.


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      Laura Vandervoort was the best thing that happened to Smallville IMO. Cassidy Freeman has been wonderful, but Kara has always blown me away. Those two additions to the series were terrific, and it's sad we can't see any more of them––especially sad for Kara. I used to read a few of the Supergirl comics and it's like she stepped out of those pages and onto our screens. She was fun, lovable, and badass! Most of my favourite episodes feature Kara, and "Prophecy" might be my favourite one of all.

      Season 8 should have kept her around from "Bloodline" till "Legion" so that she could fly away with them. I'm happy with this departure too, but it would have made her lack of appearances easier to deal with if we knew what she was doing. Last night's episode was indeed a beautiful send off though, and for comic book readers (BTW a lot of non-comic book readers were confused on twitter last night) it was very bittersweet and an event I've been looking forward to seeing.

      This girl, she really does need her own show. I love V, but if it does get cancelled, can The CW just give her her own show? There was talks about it at one time... why not resurrect them? They've been really happy with Smallville's ratings on Friday nights, so I have a hard time believing that that audience wouldn't return to see more of the SV-verse.

      DigitalLeonardo: you want a comic with her? I still think DC Comics should make a series called "Metropolis," that continues Smallville's adventures... That way we can have lots more Kara, Tess, Chloe, Dinah, Cat, etc! I'm pretty sure a large number of SV's fans read comics, and traditional comic book readers who haven't even watched Smallville might pick it up. I think it's a great idea... *prays*

      Thomas: That's so cool! I never even though about their ages!