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American Idol

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  • American Idol

    So the new season started tonight--albeit with new crazy contestants and a brand new table of judges!

    Does anyone else watch this? We're only in the audition rounds so I don't have much to say, but it's still good fun and after a while I really started to like Jennifer Lopez and the Aerosmith guy working with Randy Jackson. It feels fresh again and much more enjoyable.

    Hopefully there will be a few more fans over the board popping up with things to say as the year progresses!

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    I watched it tonight... I actually really, really like the report of the new judges' table. I was worried it was gonna be REALLY weird without Simon but I liked it a lot. JLo is gonna have to toughen up a little bit, though, and Steven Tyler needs to quit singing so much but other than that I liked it a lot.


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      this is in my opinion the worse season of idol. None of them are super talented except for Pia and she's already gone. Dissapoints me that another guy will win and again not have a successful career. They need judges who will judge, a new voting system and a way to make this show relevent again.


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        This season's not that bad. James Durbin has some talent and he's still on the show. So what another guy will win [hope it's not Scotty], Dancing with the Stars had women winning since their sixth season, but still...yeah. Lauren's pretty cool too and Casey's alright. I like James and those two, and that's about it.

        An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
        Coming Soon!!


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          This season quite nice .