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  • Update : Comments Feature

    After gaining the new comments feature with the upgrade we've been discussing how it is working out and have decided to make an adjustment to the settings.

    We still feel the comments are best suited for brief, light comments and had always wanted to keep responses that offer new ideas, that expand and continue or add to the discussion for the main posts of the threads. There have been odd occasions where involved responses have gone into the comments or tangential discussions have happened within them (rather than starting new threads or adding to the main discussion in the thread). So to structure the facility to better match the intention for having it, we're reducing the characters that can be entered into the comments. Just to reiterate, the comments option is there for really brief, casual comments and asides you wouldn't create a main post for. Posts that respond more fully to the thread discussion should always to be made in the main thread, quoting anyone you are responding to specifically as appropriate.

    Please make sure that you still consider the tone that you use when posting. This applies across the site, so to comments as much as main posts, visitors messages, PMs etc. Although the comments allows for a more casual contribution, you still need to remain respectful and consider the general Posting Rules and Guidelines of the site.

    No existing comments should be affected. Although I suspect if you went into an existing comment to edit it that action might trigger the new restriction on the maximum characters and force you to edit down to the new 100 character limit so please bear that in mind as I imagine such changes will not be recoverable.

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    It's good thing to limit comment in size, but 100 characters seems a little too restrictive. This post for example would be too big to fit in.


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      Oh for goodness' sake just let people do what they want. If they want to write a novel in the comment just let them, set the limit to million characters, there's, like, ten people on this forum, who gives a shit?


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        a thing of evil the entire point of this is that if someone has enough to say that they can "write a novel" in the comments section, then it'd be preferable for them to just put that comment in an actual post instead. That way it's more likely to generate discussion with other members as it opens the floor to further responses in a way it's unlikely to if it's just a comment under another person's post.
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          All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

          What’s said in this post/comment is what I remember, my opinions, etc.

          @a thing of evil

          I've always written my Original Posts, my posts, my comments, etc. on Boards and forums for anyone who might read what I wrote.

          This forum isn't as active as it used to be, but there are well over "10" readers of the forum.

          The comments should be limited simply because this Board isn't like Khan Academy, in which the reader will generally only read through the comments section once. When seeing a thread again, most are only going to see the new posts or comments since he or she last saw the thread. A comment should essentially only be intended for that poster to read and simply be a more public version of a private message or visitor message.


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            You can't encourage people to create content with inertia. It doesn't work. They hit the character limit and just close the browser tab.


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              As has been said, the comment feature is best suited for light brief comments. It is appropriate for brief asides that would not have been posted as main posts. If someone hits the limit they are free to cut what they've written and paste it into a main post instead and continue. With such a clear limitation people are likely to quickly adapt to what would be a comment and what would be a main post. And no one is being stopped from posting what they want to without such restriction in the main posts of a thread. We're trying to keep the main discussion in the main body of the thread. Comments can easily get looked over and missed and don't offer the ease of responding and quoting that a main post does. The main conversation, responses to previous posts that continue the discussion, raise additional points, and put forward ideas that relate to the main topic of the thread shouldn't be getting posted in comments.

              Originally posted by Alce View Post
              It's good thing to limit comment in size, but 100 characters seems a little too restrictive. This post for example would be too big to fit in.
              I think we're going to give it a little bit of time to allow for adjusting and seeing how the 100 limitation is affecting the use of comments. Your feedback and initial thoughts on the change are appreciated.


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                If it helps, I agree with Alce - I don't mind the shorter comments and I can certainly see the sense in wanting longer points to add to the discussion but, equally, I think 100 characters is too few.