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  • Maximum size of a post

    I was just wondering if anyone knows how many words and/or pics I can post in a single post. I am asking because of the review I am going to post in the rewatch thread. I am not sure if I need to break it up into several posts as many other reviewers do. It's far shorter than the usual reviews on the rewatch thread but there will be a couple of pics in it.

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    I've no idea, but maybe you can save the post (including the codes for the pictures) in Word before you try to post it? If it doesn't work you don't lose all your work and you can easily post it again (but spit up in two or more posts).


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      I don't think there is currently a maximum number of characters for a post listed, although it could get reinstated. Before the upgrade I think there used to be a maximum character limit of 100,000 characters in a post. As the problem we were having with some threads not opening after the upgrade related to the site trying to load the larger threads all in a single page (which is why we found setting the number of posts per page solved it), individual posts taking an excessive amount of space all on their own, or multiple ones like that, perhaps could cause problems eventually and notably slow down page loading. So I think I'd still recommend that it would be better to split a post if it does exceed 100,000 characters or far beyond that amount, even if that isn't forced by the site currently. Not just for the benefit of site function and page loading, but also to encourage opportunities for discussion and interaction. I appreciate though that the rewatch reviews work a little differently as discussion on the thread follows the reviews. I'm not aware of a restriction on pictures included in a single post causing any problems before so I don't think you'll find that is an issue.

      Nina's suggestion of making sure you have a saved copy before you try to post just in case it throws up a restriction is definitely a good idea when you have an involved post like a review planned. But I don't think that you are going to find that you will have problems.