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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I have put together the answers for all frequently asked questions in this section. I ask that you read through it before asking us a question. Also, please refer to the FAQ Forum for further details.

    1. What is this place?
    Buffyforums originally began as a temporary home for the members of BuffyWorld Forums which was experiencing heavy periods of downtime and ultimately an irreversible and unsuspected purging of the database losing all our posts and member information. At that point Buffyforums became its own distinct community in an effort to provide a reliable place for all our television discussion, fanart, and fanfic needs. You are very welcome to join our community here.

    Buffyforums celebrated its first birthday last February with the launch of our front site. If you want to read more, check out our celebration threads and origin story thread. We're looking forward to an even bigger party next year.

    2. How do I get a picture under my name?
    To get an avatar (image) under your name:
    User CP >> Edit Avatar
    You must note, however that an avatar may not exceed 100 by 100 pixels or 10000 bytes. If you need any help resizing it or have any problems please ask in the Avatar thread in the Miscellaneous section.

    3. How do I put an image in my signature?
    You must be a premium member first, see number 16.

    Go to Edit signature in the User CP then under the text box there is an upload image bit, upload the image you want, then when it displays under the text box there is a link under the image saying 'insert signature picture' and it will put some code in the text box which is [SIGPIC*][* /SIGPIC] [SIGPIC*][/*SIGPIC] and then it displays it in any posts you make after doing this.

    4. Why can't I see my signature?
    Once you make a post after putting one in you will. When you have nothing in your signature the forum ticks a box to leave it blank, so when you put something in it won't update the posts you have already made. If you are just changing your signature it will update all the posts you have made since having something in there. You can see what I mean if you go to 'post reply' under the text box there is an option to 'show signature' this is checked by default when you have something to show, but always off when you have nothing.

    5. What are the titles under my name? Can I change it?
    You may not change your title....well, not until you get a lot of posts. The list of user titles and their post count requirements is below:

    Custom Title/Premium Member 400

    6. What are clubs and how do I join them?
    Clubs are merely threads devoted to a particular character or relationship. They are not elite. To join, you just have to be a fan and reply in the thread.

    7. Can I change my user name?
    Yes, you can. Once every 30 days you can change your username in your User Control Panel.

    8. My PM box says it is full but there is nothing in there
    But there is something there. From the drop-down menu on your private messaging page, select "sent items". This will take you to a new page. Delete these items and your box will be empty. You are allowed a total of 100 messages in your PM box.

    9. What are moderators? Can I be one?
    Moderators are members that have been selected to oversee the forum. They keep it clean, organized, and fair to all other members. Becoming a moderator is not easy. New ones are only added if they are needed and at that, they are chosen for their contribution to the forum and for their respect for other members.

    10. Warning points
    We have devised a system here to tackle spam and spoilers. The maximum of points you can have before getting banned is 20 points. For the common offences you get 5 points and therefore need 4 warnings to get banned (4 warnings X 5 points = 20 points). At 15 points you're suspended for a week (3 warnings X 5 points = 15 points).

    Additionally, there are three levels of warnings:

    Level 1 warnings
    Level 2 warnings
    Level 3 warnings

    Your warning point quantity is determined by these levels and will be issued these points accordingly to the nature of the offence.

    When you receive a warning you will be sent a PM and email explaining the level of warning you have, how many points you have and what the warning was for.

    If, after 30 days you have not received any further warnings your points will be taken away so you will be back to nothing, or if you were on 2 warnings you will be back to just 1.

    11. Why is my post count not increasing?
    Post count has been disabled in the welcome, games, miscellaneous, and interactive fanfic forums. Post count reflects your contribution to all discussions relating to shows. Also we have a system to avoid spammers getting high post count, by setting a minimum number of characters before a post will be counted. You will find it changes by section, but is mostly set to 100 characters.

    12. How do I sign out?
    At the bottom off the main screen off the forum on the right, there are three possibilities there: Log out, mark all forums read and forum leaders.

    13. How do I get a forum
    If you want a forum like this one you need to buy it here:

    14. Signature Spoilers. . . What is allowed?
    It's still spoilerish as it hasn't aired anywhere other than the US so far. You need to use the spoiler tags if you want it in your sig.
    [spoiler*]post the spoiler you want displayed[/spoiler] (without the *)
    Also, as long as the quote doesn't reveal anything about the episode/season then it is fine to place in your sig. If you are unsure and want to run it by us Moderators before placing it in your sig, then let us know what it is and we will let you know.

    15. Can we post links to other Forums?
    You can link other forums for reference or discussion but please don't start threads advertising your forums here. Same goes for websites, put them in your signatures, but don't post just to advertise.

    16. What is a premium member and what do I have to do to be one?
    It is a new user group for members who've made a significant contribution to the forum. Call it a little reward for making the forum interesting and enjoyable. If some of you are interested in this here are the requirements:

    • 3+ months as a member
    • 400+ posts
    • No current warnings (warnings that have expired are ok)

    This user groups includes amenities like avatar upgrades, signature images and access to our V.I.P. Lounge. If you find you meet the above criteria you should be upgraded automatically, but if not, PM Nikki.

    There are the details of the sig image and avie sizes you are allowed.
    Sig images - the maximum size of your custom image is 500 by 150 pixels or 50000 bytes (whichever is smaller)

    Avie - still needs to be really 100x100 or it alters the shape of the threads, but it can be larger in size than 10000, so you can have a better quality one, or a moving gif

    17. What are reputation points and how do they work?
    You go to your UserCP > Edit Options and make sure the box 'Show My Reputation Level' is checked. If not check it and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Save Changes'. If you DO NOT WANT to take part in this system, make sure it's unchecked.

    Your reputation score is displayed in your post information. The little box under it says if you are participating in this system or not. A green box means you're taking part and a black box means you're not. If you hover that box when it’s green it will show you the title associated to that reputation score, unless if the box is black in which case the over will tell you that the user’s reputation is turned off.

    In the postbit where the avatar, location and other information is displayed, you can see a couple of icons at the very bottom (ex.: a round icon that's green when you're online and black when you're offline). One of them is a white scale icon and if you hover over it you will see a box saying 'Add to 'user''s reputation'. If you click it will give you a pop-up box in which you can give either positive or negative reputation points by selecting either 'I approve' or 'I disapprove'. You MUST also include a comment as to why (reason will follow further).

    You can view your received reputation on the main page of your UserCP. *Nothing will appear until you have received at least one reputation.

    You can give a total of 10 reputation hits a day. That's so nobody abuses this system.

    You have to give reputation to at least 10 other members before giving it again to the same member. That's so you don't go mad boosting up your friend or killing someone you don't like.

    You cannot abuse of this in any way. You must put a comment when you give reputation and it has to make some minimal kind of sense. A practical example here would be Bangels giving negative reputation points to Spuffies simply because they are Spuffies and think Bangel is wrong. You have to give reputation based on the content of the post.

    If you don't agree with the reputation you received you can contest it just like you can with moderator warnings. Simply PM Nikki with your a) forum username, b) the username of the person who gave you the reputation, c) the link to the thread where you received the reputation points and d)your reason for contesting it. If we agree that the reputation you received was unwarranted we will remove it along with the impact it has on your score.

    18. Disabled Sections
    We have a couple of sections that are hidden or posting is not permitted in. These are as follows.

    The VIP section This is just like a misc section for the Premium members, how to become one, is mentioned above.
    The Moderator Section, as suggested by the title, this forum is for the moderators only, it cannot be viewed at all. To become a moderator, read point 7.

    19. Why has my thread been moved?
    We work very closely with the sections to keep it tidy and easy to navigate, if you've started a thread that already exists, a moderator will post with a link to the other existing thread and close your own.

    We also move all threads that have not been posted in for 30 days to the dead threads as most members have their settings to hide all threads that have not been posted in for a month.

    20. How do I attach images in my posts?
    We have a quick reply box at the bottom of all threads, but if you want to attach an image you need to hit 'post reply' which will take you into a bigger reply box and at the bottom there is a ‘manage attachments’ box for you to upload the image from where it's saved on the computer. The file can not be any larger than 102400 bytes, but you can upload more than one file in a post.

    If you have anymore questions, please respond below. No comments here please. And no spam. If you reply in this thread with anything other than a legitimate question, then a warning will be issued to you. Thanks.

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    Please delete this if nesciarry, but everytime I try to load my sig I get this message...
    "There is no current signature picture to use."
    I don't have a button that says insert signature image...
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      Actually, you have to have reached 250 posts before you are allowed a signature. Premium membership is discussed in #16.

      You can have text in your signature but not an image until then. It's just one of the ways we reward members who have shown continued interest and loyalty to the forum. I look forward to seeing you around.

      Lydia made the punch!


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        Thanks for the answer, although I recognize members from the other site, with sigs with lower than 250 posts, was there special circumstances for those who lost their accounts on buffyworld?
        Veronica: You know those people who can predict when change is coming in their life?
        I'm not one of them. Change has a way of just walking up and punching me in the face.


        -Lost- on BF Banner from LF


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          Yes, people who were VIPs on BuffyWorld have been allowed to be VIPs here because they lost all their posts and we know they are contributing members to any forum


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            And I being one of them?
            How would I go about this?
            (user name on BF was -lost-)
            Veronica: You know those people who can predict when change is coming in their life?
            I'm not one of them. Change has a way of just walking up and punching me in the face.


            -Lost- on BF Banner from LF


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              You just have to PM Nikki and let her know. Then she will make you a VIP.
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                ok...I have a weird question - When I poste an art in the Fanart section, I posted a smaller peice and a link to the 800x600. For some reason, I can't seem to get the link titled (you know how it'll say 800x600 and when I click on it, it takes me to my art on photobucket)'s just showing the whole!


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                  The format to title your link is:

                  [ URL=""]Your Title Here[/URL ]
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                    Thanks, KingofCretins! I'll give it a try.

                    eta: It worked!
                    Last edited by LRae12; 29-06-07, 09:22 PM.


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                      Hey, Nikki. I thought you might want to sticky this thread. I was looking for it for a question someone asked me and I overlooked it cause I was looking for a sticky.

                      Second, the link in your first paragraph links to BW.
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                        I am looking for old fan fic season 8 Buffy in New York stories. Have they been lost, taken off, or banned???? Sorry if I am posting in the wrong place.


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                          Originally posted by T.Hodge View Post
                          I am looking for old fan fic season 8 Buffy in New York stories. Have they been lost, taken off, or banned???? Sorry if I am posting in the wrong place.
                          That used to be BuffyWorld Forums 'Official' Season 8. The writers stopped a while back, and I'm not sure if they will post them here or not.

                          I believe ferdy-m was head of it...but I'm pretty sure that Wolfie Gilmore also wrote for it. I think they are the only two left. If you wanted more info I would suggest PM'ing ferdy.
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                            Llywela was also part of it and she is usually very good at keeping a hard copy of everything she does. She's been gone the past week but I'll try to direct her attention to this question.

                            Lydia made the punch!


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                              Wolfie Gilmore is the driving force and original creator of S8 on this board. I just did the last two episodes when she had to hand over.

                              Llywela is asking the main culprits what we think of bringing S8 over to the new place at this moment. The last two episodes won't be included but let's hope everyone else thinks it's a cunning plan.
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