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Upgrade needed

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  • Upgrade needed

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    Thank you Rosely/Nikki for looking into all of this. Definitely include me.


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      Happy to donate whatever is needed


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        I have just donated.

        I have been sending money via PayPal from Germany in Euro and it tells me it will be delivered in British Pound. Is that correct?

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          Just send a small amount. Wish it was more but I have bugger all funds right now. Hope to send more soon.


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            All caught up.

            All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

            I just sent $50 via PayPal. I used the product or service option. I hope the archive is kept.
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              sorry to be such a luddite----
              but how do i donate....?


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                Really good start, Nikki already received 104 dollar!

                So that's amazing! Thank you!

                I think it's wise though to wait a little to see how many people are able to donate, so then we know how much you all need to chip is

                And then just donate using paypal to Nikki's email address on top of this thread.


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                  I have just sent a contribution as I can always add to it if needed.


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                    Can anyone update the thread with the amount left to give ? I need to create a pp account first and I might not be able to do it right away, but this way we'll able to calculate the right amount.
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                      Will donate as well, but I've to figure out Paypal first. So it'll probably be tomorrow.


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                        took a while, but figured it out...

                        sent what i could—

                        all thanks, all care to Nikki and Rosely
                        for the work you are, will be doing—

                        (and to all who have given... life in
                        this forum's lacking... do not want
                        to begin to think it... )


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                            Tell me the balance

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                              $163 out of $250.80 has been donated

                              You guys are so much faster then I'll be able to be.. hope I can fix it soon though, it depends on how much work it'll be. I'll start with finding out how to backup tonight. That should save some work.