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HTML is turned off for security reasons.

Please do not use html in your posts or messages. If you are copy and pasting something from another website and you are having problems with it showing, then it may have html in it. This could be in the form of a website link or a viewable image or an emoji or a special chacter. I am not sure this is the reason we have errors posting.

Some html code can be simply swapped with our Bulletin Board code by changing the greater than/ less than signs with bracket signs. Other BB code needs to done using the buttons in the advanced post editor.
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The home page address has changed to:
Please update your bookmark. Otherwise, the home page does not show you are logged in and/or will not let you type into the log in box in the top right. The link at to the forums has not yet been updated. So you will experience the error when you enter the forum through that link.
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Upgrade needed

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    Tried to do the backup, but it times out. Maybe I need to put the site into maintenance.

    Edit: Managed to do the backup


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        Rosely and Nikki - thank you so much for working so quickly to get the site up and running again. I’m amazed at all the work that you guys have done in just a few days!

        Thank God the backup seems to be working - I hope we can save as much of the site as possible.

        I know it’s not cheap to maintain a busy site like this. I would be willing to throw in money not only for a mobile upgrade, but even on a yearly basis - maybe set up a donation button with the capability to make regular contributions to keep the site running smoothly? I feel that’s the least I can do considering how much joy this site and its contributors have brought me over the years. I honestly believe it’s one of the top ten fan boards on the internet.

        And thanks to everyone who donated! You are heroes!
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          All caught up.

          All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

          * I’d be fine with donating on a yearly basis for the yearly upkeep costs.

          Outside of the YouTube app and other ‘media apps’, I find most ‘website apps’ don’t offer much of any special utility than simply using a browser to see a website.

          -- I cannot help it: I don’t think a US Senator Bernie Sanders and a Tulsi Gabbard ticket is a bad idea. Or have Tulsi as US Secretary of Defense. Almost no one knows who Nina Turner is and she wouldn’t much actually help the ticket. Nor do I want a weak failed Governor candidate on the ticket.


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            Yeah...I'm happy to contribute on a yearly basis (providing I can sort out PayPal). After all, I make an annual contribution to Greenpeace and the UK government seems to think they're as dangerous as the Nazis. Is being a Spuffy considered terrorism? Asking for a friend.