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      i have no idea what we need, but if the more
      tech-savvy amongst us deem the bundle
      valuable, i am more than willing to donate
      more towards its purchase—


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        What SoS said. If we want the app, lets get the app if we can


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          All caught up.

          All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

          * There's no need to get the app. How many will actually look through the threads and write posts on his or her phone? And you can already look through threads on your phone.

          Obviously, if others want to 'pitch in' to get the app, they are welcome to do that. I see no need for the app. Typing is already bad enough on a keyboard accessory for an iPad. It's already bad enough on non-ThinkPad laptops.


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            Well I've been off the forum all day and feel really bad that I've missed the donating I'm more than happy to donate what I can if any further cash is required. We could set up a pool now for any future licence renewals/upgrades required where we can save donations for a rainy day? I'd be more than happy to contribute as I missed this time around?

            Thanks to everyone who did manage to donate to assist in keeping the forum running. It's really appreciated. We have a great community here and it's lovely to see the members keeping this place alive,
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              i have posted from my phone....

              doubt i am the only one—


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                I think setting up a pot for renewals and upgrades to support the running costs would be a really good idea Mogs. I agree it's been lovely to see the community response in wanting to fix this and the positivity towards helping take on future costs too. We should touch base with Rosely, Nikki and Ehlwyen about the practicalities of this going forward.

                The phone app option should probably (if it hasn't already) be raised in the plug in thread as an additional functionality some would like considered.


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                  We longtimers know that hosting this place is not a trivial expense, and sounds like there are plenty of willing donors. Hope R/N/E would be game to let these fine people make a contribution beyond just the cost of the software upgrade that's our immediate problem.
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                    I remember donating in the past, but it has been a loooong while since the annual costs were contributed to. It definitely is something to follow up.


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                      I vote for the app. I'll donate some money tonight. My time zone puts me at work when the site is busiest and an app will let me post in the games section at the same time as everyone else and see hot conversations as they happen.
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                        I've made a donation, and even if we decide against a mobile app, it can stay in a kitty for future use


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                          I'm not sure where it would be best to add to general funds if we are going to organise for general donations towards the site costs from here, so it is probably best to hold off sending any other contributions at the moment until we've figured out what we are going to do outside of this upgrade.

                          It's great to see interest in contributing to the site more widely/further.


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                            It was towards a mobile app Stoney, but if that decision has already been made, it can go into a fighting fund


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                              Ah the mobile app idea. I'm not sure if that is something that can be added on but I see GoSpuffy has asked in the plug in thread, so you might be right that this will be a separate thing.


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                                What I forgot in my last post:

                                Yes, yes, to vampmogs' so beautiful—
                                and practical, fair—suggestion...

                                And all Stoney said in response....

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