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  • Forum flagged as not secure

    gohostsandstars tells me that every time she tries to sign in, the forum gets flagged. I don't have this problem but I assume she's not the first ever. Suggestions?
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    I've not ever had that problem with here. I get It sometimes with other sites, that are actually secure and It turns out It's my old browser being crap.


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      I get the "malicious site blah blah" message every time and I just ignore it and go to the site. I've done it for months at least. I don't know why this happens, but it's not really a problem.
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        I assume it is because the site isn't on an https address, so logins etc aren't secured. I'll message Ehlwyen and ask if it is something they have considered changing.


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          I get "site not secure" in the address bar the first time I sign in but not on subsequent sign ins.


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            Oh I've just noticed I get the same thing as TriBel. There's a circle with an i in it and Not Secure before the address