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  • New Posts/Todays Post

    I usually view the posts/threads in this forum by either clicking the button New Posts on the main site or by clicking the button Quick Links on the main board and then choosing Todays Posts from the menue.

    I am not sure, how far back new posts go, but I was thinking, if it wouldn`t be possible, to have a button, that allows us to see the posts for a longer period, than just a day and not necessarily only the new ones. Sometimes, i have been on the board, have seen a thread/post and want to get back to it later. I can`t do that with the Button New Posts anymore and if I want to come back the next day, I can`t do that with the button Todays Posts either.

    Is there another option for that, that i haven`t found yet ?

    Oh, and by the way, thanks to all the mods and admins for running this forum ! I am happy, that you provide the opportunity, to talk to other Buffy fans here.

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    I tend to use the New Posts button, but if I want to go back to a post which I know is recent I click on the What's New? button


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      If you subscribe to any threads that you are interested in following, then when you click to your subscribed threads (linked in your UserCP page if you select that when subscribing or by selecting 'subscribed threads' under the 'quick links' drop down that is one of the headings within the band under the page banner), then it will show you all the threads you are subscribed to that have unread posts, even if you go back to it at a later point.

      EDIT: You subscribe to a thread or group discussion by selecting to subscribe under the 'thread tools' which is a heading at the top of the thread, just above the first post on the page.
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        I was actually thinking about a way, that people, who haven`t been here for let`s say a week or so, could still see, what has been posted during the last week. That wouldn`t be possible with subscribing, because they wouldn`t have had the chance to subscribe yet. It also wouldn`t be possible with the Today`s post button, because that only covers one day.

        I am not sure, if the New post button would cover all the new posts, that have been posted, since a user was last online, even if that happens to be several week or even months.

        Does anybody know ?

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          Hmmm. You could go to 'advanced search', the link under the search box under the banner and click 'all types' or just 'posts' and then select the past week in the additional options to get everything/anything you have missed.

          The 'new posts' button does tell me separately which threads haven't been updated since my last visit but still contain unread posts. But I don't know if they are only threads I have subscribed to or how long it would keep telling me there were unread posts because I tend to look before that length of time has passed.


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            Hi Stoney,

            I tried the Advanced Search and you`re right, I can go further back there, because there is an additional option for the time period.

            But I was actually looking for an easier way to look at new Posts, even if they are older than 24 hours. I am thinking not only about my own conevienace, but about that of other members/newbies/guests as well. If they come back to the board after a week and can - with one click - only look at Posts from today, they might miss some Posts/threads, that would have been interesting for them

            In New Posts I can see threads, that have unread content, just like you said. As I have not yet subscribed to any threads, every new (unread) thread/post seems to be shown, but - like in Today`s Posts - only for today.

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              I can't think of any way that is simpler I'm afraid.


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                I've just noticed flow that you can subscribe to the individual forums, rather than just to threads. So 'General Discussions', 'Buffy', 'Angel', 'Fanfiction' etc. It is under 'forum tools' at the top right just like it appears on the threads. So I assume if you do this and ask for notifications 'Through my control panel' then when you go to the UserCP page it may show any new threads that have happened in the forum, even a few days ago (just as it will show you when new posts have been made in any threads you subscribe to through your UserCP, even if you haven't been on for days). If that works you wouldn't miss new threads you haven't had the chance to subscribe to then, even if you've been absent.

                Subscribing and viewing through the UserCP seems to be how you get notification beyond today. You'd still need to subscribe to any new threads that you see were created in a forum perhaps, to get notification of posts that happen within it from then on, but it would stop you missing new threads that are days old perhaps.

                Might be worth a try.
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