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  • Posting images

    I've tried following the FAQ to put images within my posts, but it's not working. Any additional tips would be appreciated. It looks like my allotted room for attachments is pretty small.


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    Tricky question! There are several ways to put photos in a post.

    The easiest way is to upload your photo to the internet (usually an image place like photobucket) and link to that photo using the [img*][/img] tags (delete the *) surrounding the image's web address. I think most people here do that. Have you tried this and are having problems? Can you expand further on how it isn't working so i can problem solve?

    The upload to the site function requires a fairly small file size and image dimensions (620x280 pixels). So it wont upload if it exceeds any of those.

    Does any of that help?

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      Puck if you go into the fanart section you can enter a thread and hit reply on any of the posts containing pics to see the coding that has been used by people to drop in links to pics. Often people place a thumbnail up to link through but some Tumblr sized art is put up to view full size in the post so it isn't always a thumbnail link given. There are also the preview pages/covers people put up for the comic discussions too where you could see the methods/coding people used.


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          Test image:

          EDIT: Well as you should be able to see, my image works and as suggested by Ehlwyen, I'm using an [img] tagged link from an image host, same as I have always done to post my art.
          I see you are using Flikr PuckRobin, perhaps it's an issue with that host. I use Tinypic. Try that.
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            Originally posted by PuckRobin View Post

            The link starts with "https" instead of "http", do you have your flickr account set to public? If it is private, then thats why the image wont show.

            Lydia made the punch!


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              I think I have it.

              Originally posted by PuckRobin View Post

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                Thanks everyone.


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                  Glad you have it figured out, slickpic works well for me.


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