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    Please let us know if you notice any problems with the forum speed or forum not being available.

    The forum has been viewable to members only for the last few years. We hated to do that but it was our only way to keep the forum from lagging or becoming unavailable to view by all. We hope that upgrading the board will fix the issues with forum speed. We are also still testing if the new host server is adequate for the forum.

    I made the forum viewable to guests today. So please report in here any issues with speed or access that you encounter. Thanks!

    Lydia made the punch!

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    If anything, the forum seems a little faster than the old one. And I've not noticed any significant slowness now that the forum is now more 'open' than it was when it was a private forum.

    Obviously, the true test will occur than BtVS S10 comes out. But I'd prefer the forum be more 'open' so that hopefully we'll get more posters and at least more readers of the forum.