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Fanart Section Redesign

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  • Fanart Section Redesign

    Buffyforums is pleased to announce a newly redesigned Fanart Section!

    The biggest change is no feedback is required anymore. There are all new general fanart threads and we want to see them filled with any art you have created. Not just new art, feel free to post old art as well! Wallpapers, tumblr art, banners, avatars. We want to show off how great our artists are and inspire us all.

    Still, no spamming you simply like someone's art. Except for the Battle threads. We want those Battles to be rowdy and vocal!

    We've got a pair of threads designed to get to know more about your fellow artists. They are set up like game threads so I hope to see a lot of posting in there. I called them community hangout's for a reason. We've also got a chat thread set up in the Misc Section for the AFA members to get to know each other better. But everyone on the forum is welcome to join in!

    Got a suggestion for something you would like to see from the community? We've got a thread for that too. We look forward to hearing all your comments in the Question? Comments? Suggestions? thread.

    Lydia made the punch!